Position Recovery at Startup or displacement
  • Our prototype gimbal works really well without encoders. However if you don't power it up pointing in the right direction it can't drive the pitch and yaw to a start postions and just makes a noise. The same thing happens if it is knocked out of position. Would encoders fix this or is there a setting?
  • you can set the gimbals home position on start or if you press the button this can be programmed in BGC GUI! you settings are the issue.
  • Which settings do you think are the issue? We have a home position set. If we reduce the P it can function, but only slowly and then there is not enough P for stabilisation. It seems the acceleration is too high to move the mass of the gimbal. The acceleration can be high during stabilisation becasue it is only moving the mass of the motor armature - the mass of the gimbal naturally doesn't move, if it is balanced.
  • Hello,
    PITCH and ROLL axises can get a starting position from the IMU calibration - just align when turned on. But YAW axis will start from the same position which was before turning on.
    Best way to force the gimbal axles to take the required position after turning on: install encoders to all axises + encoders firmware, after that calibrate Offset for encoders.