• Hello
    I bought BaseCam Pro a few months ago.
    I'm setting a gimbal.
    But very often there is a problem with the CAN IMU.
    Mainly the problem related to error rate high and the IMU is not responding.
    Rebooting the system will fix it. But the problem happens too often.

    Does anyone have a similar problem with me?
    Can you tell me if you know how to solve it?

    Can't you use CAN IMU a lot?
    There's not much discus on the forums.
  • Often a similar problem can be caused by damage to the CAN cable or (and) connectors.
    Bad electrical contact in connectors can interrupt CAN IMU connection with a Pro board, even if connection is restored, you need to reboot whole system.
    Try to check connectors and cable, if it's possible, replace the cable to another one.
  • Hello, could you describe the topology of your can bus? If you use only one CAN IMU sensor with 50cm wire - then the problem is exactly in the cable. Is CAN IMU terminator soldered? It can help even if there are cable problems. You can also update the firmware of CAN IMU (1.07) and SBGC board to be sure.