ERR_YAW goes crazy after first arm
  • Hello, I am having issue with YAW axis. All other axes work good, with no issues.

    Hardware and config info - SteadyGim6 PLUS, board v3.1, FW 2.60 b4
    1. Motors: YAW iPower GMB6028-150T, PITCH/ROLL iPower GBM5208H-200T
    1. RX input - all off
    2. Encoders - mounted (PWM ones) but all disabled for now
    3. Follow frame + follow YAW

    How issue looks:
    1. I turn on gimbal, motors are off - I look on gauges and monitoring tab - everything looks fine
    2. Arm motor - then YAW starts to spin crazy, so I turn motors off (or wait for board to do this automatically after few secs)
    3. After this, red dot is spinning crazy on YAW gauge, also in monitoring tab I see YAW_ERR floating form quickly form thousands below zero to thousands above zero. All other readings are fine - ACC, GRYO, ERR_PITCH, ERR_ROLL - show real values
    4. This is kept until board restart

    What "solution" I've found:
    1. When I disable ROLL axis - then YAW + PITCH works fine, no issue with YAW axis, red dot (eg. target) is still, so ERR_YAW is 0
    2. When I disable PITCH axis - no, it doesn't help, YAW is crazy then too
    3. When I disable ROLL+PITCH - it doesn't help! So YAW works goon only together with PITCH, no other combination

    After diagnosing points 1 and 2, I would say it's ROLL axis messing (maybe cables interference), but point 3 buried my idea.

    Maybe you guys have any idea what else I should check?
  • After few more hours playing here and there, I've found cause if issue - wrong YAW motor poles count :/ Kill me please, I had 24 set, but motor has 23 actually - find out by auto detection feature. Now everything works good :) No idea why/how YAW worked good together with PITCH with this wrong setting. Anyway, leaving it here, maybe will be helpful for someone.
  • Hello,
    Ok. Usually, we recommend checking number of poles in the specification, because auto detection can detect wrong numbers via many reasons.
    Have a nice day!