Trimming angles
  • Hello! I am rebuilding DYS EagleEye handheld gimbal and i ran into a trouble. I can not calibrate ROLL angle properly, even after placeing gimbal on completely flat leveled surface. The IMU sensor is aligned perfectly, but anyway it gives a small (around 5-7 deg) misalignment on roll.

    I used to set it back to normal with joystick, but maybe it is any way to trim it from software and save it?

    I have Basecam 3.1 2.63b0

    sorry for my english(
  • Hello,
    When you re-calibrate IMU on flat leveled surface, the control board should rewrite calibrations and to align the gimbal axises. If this does not happen, something may be correcting the position on axises.
    First of all, if your gimbal have encoders, you need to go to Encoders tab, turn off motors (by button in the GUI), align the gimbal with your hand in all axes as best as possible, and push: "2.Calib.Offset" button.
    Turn on motors and check the leveling.

    If the gimbal still not in the right position:
    1) Try disable the RC inputs to during of calibration: just select "no input" in RC and FC settings:
    And "write" changes to the board. http://ybex.com/d/gblkyq36jph2ytycypxcoqc2qcmqufpuchqxoh76.html
    2) Check the misalignment correction: http://ybex.com/d/k3ho0c4uco91pjnzgp60waxf4iimr1qjx5pcyp9q.html
  • Thank you very much! I had wrong misalignment stats in "Hardware" tab of GUI)