Yaw very slow move itself....
  • Hi!

    We have build this gimbal with dual camera, 30X and a Flir Vue pro.

    But I have just 1 issue, as you can see in the video, the YAW is always moving, very slow, but always keep moving.

    This happend when Im NOT using the Folow Yaw, and for the 30X zoom, is not very good.

    This is the video:


    And meanwhile the yaw is moving, the YAW indicator is steady, like thie picture:


    Any Idea wht im missing?

    Im using

    -SBGC V3.00 board
    -FW 2.63 B
    -Yaw Enconder AS5600 PWM
    -Camera IMU

  • It is normal. Gyro calibration will reduse it but not completelly remove. follow mode will remove it when the outer frame is fixed.
  • thanks! so a frame IMU will fix it?

  • No, there is no fix for it. Gyro drift is normal.

    You can remove the drift only by referensing the gimbal to outer frame, but then the gimbal will follow if the outer frame will move or by external heading reference that does not drift.

    The gimbal IMU, frame or camera will alway drift. How much depends of how well is it calibrated.
  • MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm are you sure? How the DJI gimbals doesnt drift?

    I have a Arris Gimbal, and this one use the same board, and doesnt drift


  • I have just add the frame IMU and problem Fixed!
  • sorry, not fixed.... improve the drift, but not totally...
  • external heading reference that does not drift is the only way to remove it. the result just depends how good external reference you have. Typically such reference is compination of GPS, IMU, Compass and calculation, i.e flight controller or something similar. Ideally proper INS, but they are big and expensive.
  • sorry if im stubborn, but the frame imu is not a external reference? if I have the main imu in the cameras, and the frame imu over the yaw, this last one is not a external reference ??

  • The IMU by its nature will drift. How much it drifts and to what direction is IMU and calibration dependant and temperature and many more factors. How does it help that you have a frame IMU that drifts?

    To remove drifting, you need a reference that does not drift.
  • Thanks Garug.
    Look this next picture, is the Arris Gimbal I bought, its pluged more than 15 minutes and the yaw is steady. Just pluged to the power. The grey box on the right is to check if the gimbal has move or not.


    The same board, Camera and Frame IMU, steady like a rock. No external reference.

    I appreciate your comments
  • sorry, you were right, the Gimbal was in follow mode, put it in NO follow mode and start do drift again.... :(
  • Yeah, just beive me :) , any IMU used on these gimbals will drift. external reference is needed to remove the drift.
  • Thank, I belive you!

    How can I add a external reference from the Pixhawk of the drones? Any manual I can follow to do it?

  • We have build our own system

    I have no experience with Pixhawk, but see the BaseCam users manual, links above
  • I cant see what you post..... send me a link

  • vimeo.com/307032195
  • ooohhhh, ok, now I understand!

    I appreciate your help! I will study this and see what can I get.

  • a single GPS alone will not work on drones. On car it is ok, but not great. This is as car goes always where the wheels point, but drone goes sideways.