Can't power on CAN MCU board through battery
  • I have a CAN MCU board wired up with two CAN drivers for the motors. I can power the MCU with USB but not a battery.
    When a battery is connected, the input showes 12V across Bat and GND, which is nominal; but there is no power across Load and GND and the MCU itself doesn't get powered. Furthermore I see 12V across power switch pin.
    Seems like there is a electronic switch somewhere that i need to trigger, do I just short the power switch pins?
  • You use the pro board? you need to short the power switch pins.
  • Hello Accel,
    To supply CAN_MCU board form the battery, you need to close "Power switch" pins here: http://ybex.com/d/i07i0w8tze8f2z44udf8xgev4v8lm2f07f2wc1ja.html
    Please, confirm that and tell us about result.
    Thank you.