Looking to hire Gimbal Builder
  • Hello Everyone

    I'm looking to hire someone to help me build a gimbal using a Basecam Controller and a Fiber Optic Gyro.


    I would supply the hardware (the Fiber Optic Gyro is really expensive). Your job would be to wire and program the gimbal to accept attitude/horizon information from the Fiber Optic Gyro. Hope that makes sense. If your interested let me know. We can chat on the phone. Thanks!

    James Aarestad
    Eagle Eye Photography
  • your requirements are un clear Gryo only gimbal stabilization is possible without any additional controller if your using servo motors. BGC controller with fiber optic gyro as additional sensor information to Basecam sensors like flight controller controlling yaw , roll and pitch ? or your looking to re wright the BGC controller firmware to add support for Fiber Optic Gyros ? Please explain & per pus for fiber optic component ?
  • I'm looking to use the Fiber Optic Gyro as additional sensor information to Basecam sensor to control yaw, roll and pitch. Hope that makes sense. Thanks!