2 motors, same axis, different rpm
  • hi all,

    I've got a situation where I've got 3 motors doing yaw, pitch, roll and a 4th motor wich have to do the same motion either as yaw, pitch, or roll, but on a different rpm.

    for example: If roll does 1 rpm the 4th motor has to do 2rpm.

    now I saw a function called extra motors/ 4th axis in the beta 2.68 b7 GUI. now I got exited because there's also a speedscale function.

    but I can't get it to work, after reading the manual properly I think I've red that this function doesn't work like I want to.

    is there anyone who's got some experience on this subject?

    thanks in advance
  • Its hard to interpret what you are trying to accomplish from your description... Where is your 4th motor mounted? Does the 4th motor move in the same direction as the axis you have it on or move in the opposite direction?