PWM Encoder Output Type
  • I am about to buy an absolute encoder for the YAW axis. I have special reasons for this. The encoder has PWM output where I can choose between different output types in kbps. Which one is the right one for an extended board and which one would be the right one for a tiny pro board?
    122kbps, 244kbps, 325kbps, 488kbps or 977kbps

    Thanks for your advice
  • Maybe I should point out the encoder I want to use: It's all about the RLS AKSIM Encoder https://www.rls.si/en/products/rotary-magnetic-encoders/absolute-encoders/aksim-rotary-absolute-encoder-module
    I see in the extended manual that some RLS encoders are supported. This one as well? And which setup? PWM or I2C?