How to use AM4096PT encoder from basecam? No option available under encoder type.
  • I recieved some AM4096PT encoders from basecam. I'm trying to install them according to the encoder manual. There isn't an option for the AM4096 under "encoder type". I tried the AS5048B but had no luck getting it to show in the monitor window. Any idea how to setup this encoder? I'm very surprised that an item sold by basecam has no support documentation at all :(
  • Not sure, but did you try the latest beta firmware and corresponfing GUI.
  • I got the latest beta and they are supported. Only thing is when I try to assign an address to one encoder at a time (like it recommends) it tries to write and then says it failed to communicate with the board. I have it wired as it's supposed to be AFAIK.