No reply from the board unless I disconnect/reconnect
  • Did simple test on windows Laptop connected to SBGC32 board:
    1- Connect the board to my LapTop (USB)
    2- Run BGC Gui, looks good, Board info is received, etc. etc.
    3- Disconnect the BGC Gui
    4- Start Serial Port Utility terminal (free download from CNET, to debug potential serial port issue)
    5- Connect to the same port
    6- Send command to the board; NO REPLY is received
    7- Disconnect
    8- Unplug/Plug the board
    9- Send same command to the board from the Serial Port Utility; REPLY is received

    What went wrong in the previous sequence ?

    GUI 2.68 b3 verion
    Firmware 2.68 b3