Firmware backup? - Found a couple of new bin files in firmware folder.
  • Board: 32 bit extended
    Encoders: AS5048B
    IMUs: RevB (Camera IMU) and the extended board (Frame IMU)

    Hello, I have been using newer GUIs whenever posted. GUI says that the manual mode of the firmware update is for the recovery mode only and the firmware folder from the ZIP file has one .bin file and one .hex file. I have been upgrading firmware using internet because the binary file in the firmware folder turns the board back to version 3.0 from 3.6.

    However, after using a while from 2.66b2 to 2.68b1, I noticed that a couple of new binary file were automatically created in the firmware folder. At least I did not tell GUI to do so. Is there any button that I am not aware of which does the firmware backup in the firmware folder?

    The firmware folder in the folder is now listed as follows.
    sangjin@computer:~/basecamelectronics/SimpleBGC_GUI_2_68b1/firmware$ ls

    You can see that there are two additional files in the folder.
    Which brings me to a question. Can we have a button in GUI so that we can backup the currently running firmware from the board into a file?


    I figured it out. Whenever I download the firmware using internet, the procedure creates a new firmware binary file in the folder with current board version number + serial number + GUI version.