Please clarify motor current SimpleBGC v3.x
  • In the specs is written: max motor current: 1.5A. So I expected each motor and so each motor driver would reach up to 1.5 amps.
    But here:

    "AndrewSupport July 12
    Maximum motor current 1,5 A - total current for three motors.
    For example, one motor can take 1A, two other 250 mA each - but the total current should be no more than 1.5A."

    This doesn't make sense to me. Can someone please clarify this?
    If this would be true, the board would never draw much more than 1.5 to maybe 2.0 amps (because of the cpu etc).

    Is this the case? can someone clarify this, please?
    It should be stated more clearly in the specs sheet, like for the old 8-bit board it was stated clearly "each motor"...
  • Hello,
    Line in the specification "Maximum motor current 1,5 A" - tell only about motor maximum current which can be provided to motors suppply.
    Full control board consumption consist of: motors current, load to 5V line (onboard 3.3V dc-dc converter + external load), load to 3.3V line (external devices + onboard CPU).

    If your system has three axis with approximately equal motors and Power parameters, you can to divide into three "Maximum motor current 1,5 A" and use this data to further calculations.
  • Thanks Andrew for answering. While I fully understand what you are telling me, I still wonder about that hardwaredesign.
    You are telling me, that each of the three motordriver could provide up to 1,5 amps to a single motor, but all three together are limited - either by hardware or software - to 1,5 amps.

    Well allright obviously it seems to be enough current for the task.
    Stating this more clearly answers many questions in the forum for batteries and motors.
    So unless you do not add much load to the 5V or 3.3V line, you can expect never to draw more than 2 amps for the whole bord -for examble i was looking for batteries that would at least deliver 5 amps continously.
    Now I know that its not neccessary.