Optimal input voltage for BaseCam SimpleBGC 32-bit Extended on the bench? Total max motor current?
  • I am just getting started on a project an hooking up the board to a bench DC power supply.

    It looks like the BaseCam SimpleBGC 32-bit Extended can handle up to 26 volts. It looks like a 6S battery at 80% discharge is putting out about 22.44 volts.

    I will have 3 motors, encoders, a joystick, and IMUs hooked up via ICAN. I was going to set the bench PS at 22.5 volts.

    The spec sheet says maximum motor current is 1.5A. Is that combined for all 3 motors? Or is that a per motor number?
  • The bord specs state Maximum motor current 1,5 A, so it should ber per motor.
  • Hello,
    Maximum motor current 1,5 A - total current for three motors.
    For example, one motor can take 1A, two other 250 mA each - but the total current should be no more than 1.5A.
  • Hi Andrew,
    you surprise me! How come this limiting factor? Each axis has its own driver. Isn't the current simply limited by that hardware? So if you state that one motor could take 1A then the other 2 with the same driver should be able to take that too.
    Please can you clarify again. I find the specifications then not very clear. For instance, on the old 8-bit board it was stated clearly each motor ( https://www.basecamelectronics.com/simplebgc/ )