Gimbal Going Nuts
  • Hi all,

    I am having some serious issues with tuning my gimbal I just picked up off eBay. I have it balanced to where it stays in any position I leave it in but as soon as I turn it on there is a lot of jerking as well as just huge confusing movements at times. When I reset all PID values to 0 then the gimbal stays still (as it should) but as soon as I add in any "P" the gimbal begins to shake to some degree. Any help would be much appreciated! (I've also calibrated IMU and walked through the majority of the set-up guide offered here. I couldn' get anything to work even with doing that.)

    The gimbal is an iflight G15 plus
  • Update: I have the motors to where they are completely fine sitting still and even handles normal use really well on the pitch and roll axis but the YAW is pretty well just messed up. As I was typing this all of my motors began to make a mid pitched scraping/buzzing noise and I had to set all power to 0 to get it to stop. Please Help.