Do NOT buy VARAVON Gimbals
  • Simply for the lack of aftermarket service and absolute TOTAL FLOP of customer service from Varavon themselves. Many of their emails, phone numbers, and dealer listings are out of date, wrong, or unmonitored. I had to blast email all of the dealers that I could to even find out of they were still in business. One ff them was able to get ahold of Varavon and I got an email back through the cc chain that was just all messed up and incomplete. Now, two months later they still will not respond. So I'm here trying to get help fixing my firmware issues for the 32bit ver. 3 board. They offer zero support for the Birdycam 2, and I'm sure the Birdycam Lite is only slightly better support, still with no personnel support.

    Beware Varavon

    The product is not good enough to overlook bad support.
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