Is torque data for motors available
  • Hello everyone! I'm wondering if there exists a table listing gimbal motors with accurately measured (and not just manufacturer-advertised) torque values.
  • I do not think there is and it is not that simple. Instant torgue, long term torgue (motors heat under load), more torgue, less speed...

    As general rule:
    - the bigger the motor diameter, the more torque
    - the more poles, the more torque, but this can cause the motor not to be so smooth.

    Choose the resistance suitable for the battery and baoard you have. U=R*I, 12V battery, board handles max 1.5A => R=U/I = 12/1.5 = 8 ohms is ideal for max torgue on this system.

    And always be careful not to overheat the motors.