ipower 8017-120t and 5108-120t...go for 4s lipo?
  • I've just bought an unfinished custom built gimbal with 2 x iPower 8017-120t fitted and 2 x 5108-120t fitted.
    I'm going to be using a Canon 1dx with the 16-35mm lens...quite weighty.
    It doesn't have any battery
    Should I get the 4s lipos?
  • you can use 3s to 6s lipo that is 11.5-22v
  • Thanks for that, is there an advantage in the bigger 6s...i.e. will it help the motors perform better with such a big camera?
  • No! more power more is required for larger pay loads, larger heavy cameras, 4s is good enough usually smaller cams 3S is good enough
  • I use that same setup. dual 5208's on tilt. Its amazing. I'm trying to add an encoder to yaw for position feedback though which is my next step.