Problems with Beholder MS1
  • So I downloaded simplebgc and connected my gimble. The plan was to fix it from leaning slightly to the right.

    First, a message popped up and said that my firmware didn't match the version of the GUI I believe. I tried to update it, but it said it couldn't find anything.

    So I did what I thought was saving my default profile, and then saved another to change settings. I think I changed the motor power settings and my gimbal just quit working entirely. It turns on but nothing moves and I can't load the old profile for some reason. It seems like nobody uses the ms1's or there just aren't any guides, so I'm at a total loss at what to do. Can somebody help me? Will the ds1 stuff work for the ms1?
  • @ snookj

    Hey dude, I had similar problem, I lost my original profiles and so far yours is the only one I have found that I can actually upload. But when I did that all the PID settings and Motor Conf panel dimmed out and are not editable at the moment. Any ideas how I can fix this? Thanks!
  • Just seen this, I think at the time I was responding to the question 'Will the DS1 stuff work for the MS1?' I'm so sorry if I've caused you problems with your Gimbal, I should have stated my profile is for the DS1 not MS1!

    You could try doing a firmware update on the gimbal and see if that resets your panel. Also save everything when you're making changes.. I know that's a bit late now.

    I sold my DS1 so I can't look now at the software. I'd go one youtube and see if anyone has made any PID tuning videos or calibration videos that you could look at the settings for.

    Best of luck
  • Copy this guys settings if possible, he displays every screen in simpleBGC throughout the video

    You might need to change the firmware version and SimpleBGC software to match. Hope this helps
  • My mistake, I found it under a post for MS1 and assumed it should work. I should have scrolled the xml all the way down, where GUI, firmware and board version are set. :) Anyway, you did not cause problems, I already had them before uploading, haha. for what it's worth it was an improvement from the default state.

    I'm afraid simply copying settings from the screen won't be enough, there is a lot more to that xml than the GUI can govern and that's the part I can not recreate. I joined a FB group of Beholder owners and posted a request for profiles. From what I gather I own a true antique, not too many left :)). I'll keep my hopes up tho. In the end I'll probably be adept enough to write my own xml.

    Thanks for the help! I'll post a solution here when I find it!
  • Is it possible to update or roll back the firmware? There should be an option in the BGC software if you can still access it. When I did this on my DS1 I lost all of the current profiles as I didn't save any, I think it restored it to default settings of the board, I think they use the same board, it might reset things for you, just an idea. Also if you can't access the firmware function of the software, you could search for and download a different version of the software, which could then give you the option to download and install the firmware version to match when you run it.. I'm not sure exactly but something like that happened with me.
  • The MS1 runs on an 8bit board which is discontinued. I have the latest matching GUI and firmware (2.40b8) https://www.basecamelectronics.com/downloads/8bit/

    I flashed several different firmware versions (obviously my board is genuine) and none of them restored the profiles. I think the default settings of the board only support 2-axis gimbals. The profiles as such allow the GUI to change some trivial parameters, but there is also a lot more code in there that govern settings visible only to an adept developer which I'm not :).

    Still waiting for someone to post a profile. I even asked SBGC support. Hoping for solution.
  • Hey I have the exactly same problem. I killed the factory profile by accident (hit the "default settings" button which is not only loading some settings, but also writes them). Does anyone have the factory profile? I tried different settings from youtube videos, but it my MS1 is vibrating wildly and not working at all.

  • my beholder ms1 is totally decalibrated. Anyone know where I can download a firmware to update it in the simple bgc program
    Thank you