Camera Shutter Set Up
  • If I could get some feedback from the forum on this post on the best way to create specific instructions for camera triggering for AlexMos 32 from non RC transmitter signals.

    Set up: Using bluetooth and with serial commands originating from Ardunio board. Ardunio is master to slave BT device on AlexMos. Basing code to trigger shutter on the Mimic Example in the SBGC API in GitHub.


    Here are the parameters for the shutter control device:

    Continuous 1500us pulses (22.5ms refresh time) is the idle mode.(Center of the RC transmitter sticks) and +- 300us sides are shutter/video modes.

    QUESTION 1: Hardware Set up. The shutter (FlyTron SledV2) has three connectors. GND, V5,Signal. It is intended to be connected to a standard RC receiver. With AlexMos what is the best way to connect it?

    A) Do you connect all three pins? or just GND and Signal? or GND and Signal to onboard power and just signal to board?
    B) In the code comments it suggest FC_PITCH. Is there a difference in the type of signal (// 0=FC_ROLL, 1=FC_PITCH, 2=RC_PITCH, 3=AUX1) the various channels generate?

    QUESTION 2: GUI Set UP. Based on the channel selected in Q1 what setting do you want for the RC controls in the GUI?

    A) Would you just set FC_PITCH to no input? Or anything else?

    QUESTION 3: When these modules are connected to normal RC transmitters and receivers and you stick up or down on the channel is the signal continuous? Meaning that the transmitter keeps sending -300 while pulled down or does it send -300 once and when stick returns to middle it sends 1500.

    A) Do you need to send -,300,-300,-300 every 22.5 ms or just one -300 and then a 1500 when you are done? Or do they mean 1200 video, 1800 picture 1500 neutral?

    QUESTION 4: When connected to the GUI and you have the script panel up assuming shutter control connected to FC_PITCH could you...

    A) Run - "SERVO 2(1200)" to trigger the video shutter?
    B) If not what script would you suggest?

    Thanks - once I get these answers and test I will post detailed instructions and code.