choosing motors
  • Hi,
    I'm tryng to build a 3axis handed stabilizers, and i want to do it cheap. Regarding electronics I think i will use the simplebgp controller, and now i have to decide what motors to use, but i have no clue. Can anyone give some adivice?
    Thank you in advance!
  • what is the camera you will be using?
  • i think that i'l be using a nikon d3300
  • hello,
    motors GBM6208H 200T and GBM5208H-200T will work for you and will carry up to 10lb payload.
    recommend I-flight BGC motor or tiger rc. you can also get away with 5108-120T I have a cheep #2, 2-axis kit with these for $500-$650 motor motor cages, and frame induced.