setting angles min/max axis yaw with joystick
  • Hello
    I have a small problem to adjust the minimum and maximum angles of the yaw motor to order with my joystick.
    regardless of the settings that I include when I rotate the yaw with the camera turns joystick axis without to stop on the specified angles...
    Mini and maxi for pitch angles works just fine them.
    M'y joystick is connectée on the adc1 for the pitch control and adc2 for the yaw control on the board Alexmos .

    Can someone there help me?
  • What firmware is that?
  • Hello Garug,
    the card is a 32 bit v3.0 and the GUi 2 56 b 7. The cardis is new and made the updated necessary before setting.
  • I assume it is non Encoder FW. Without encoders you can not limit the absolute angles, it will drift, but you should still be able to limit the yaw movement range. Are you using it on Speed or Angle mode, does it not have any effect?

    If you want to set absolute limits for Yaw you will need encoder FW (and encoders) or at least follow potentiometer/encoder with none encoder FW.
  • I control effectively the movement with a joystick which runs well but unlike maxi mini angles (90 and 90) or the engine pitch works and well for the yaw regardless of the value I can rotate at infinity... This is why I find bizzar