-Th3oRy-FX V2 full size DSLR Gimbal
  • Nice and a bit different. Couple of suggestions if you do not mind.

    - The Roll joint might be a bit dangerous for gingers.
    - If you minimize the size of the gimbal for the camera it is used with, you get much better performing gimbal.
  • hi, I designed the gimbal for if I want to upgrade my camera. Maybe 5D mkiii.
    The size is similar to DJI Ronin. (oh, I said the bad word ^^)
    I can´t afford a new gimbal every time I change my camera setup!

    The ROLL Joint isn´t dangerous at all. I polished all aluminium parts to give it a nice an clean look.
    There aren´t any sharp edges. The motors haven´t that much torque to cut off fingers :D
  • Love this gimbal so much, best DIY I've managed to find so far in both looks and functionality. It's beautiful.

    How are you liking the milled aluminum parts after having some time to use it now? Too heavy? Or does it work well?

    I'm scheming my own from-the-ground-up 3 axis gimbal and I'm getting a great deal of inspiration from your build, it reminds me of something I'd make.

    Question: where did you buy your joysticks with the Xbee pins and board?
  • Wonderful update! Your results speak for themselves.

    As tempted as I am to be one of those people who ask, "Can you post the plans?" but I think half of the fun will be designing it.

    Have you upgraded the motor mounts at all on your prototype? I notice you did not have any cages but still utilized additional ball bearings. Did you add those for additional structural support, or purely to reduce friction?

    I'm thinking about building (relatively) deep cages to mount the BLDC's that will allow swapping out for different motors should I ever find myself in a place where I buy heavier body/lenses and/or need to replace a motor with one of a different brand.

    Do you have a quick release plate on your gimbal? Or are you still using the milled aluminum?
  • @mcooi77
    You should check out this Youtube channel. I used his gimbal design as reference.

    I designed the parts with PTC Creo. Then I exported them into .dxf files for cnc milling.
    You´re right, 3D designing is really fun.
    Some parts like the motor axes are now made of aluminium. I added bearrings on roll and yaw because the motors are only secured by one M2.5 screw. Now the weight can´t pull apart the motors.
    It took a while to find these bearrings. The measures are 37x30x4mm! They are used in some Rc Helicopters.

    I didn´t closed the motor mounts because of weight reduction. Maybe closed motors would be better but in case of heat reduction this is optimal.

    At the moment my prototype gimbal has 3D printed parts for the quick release plate. I´m pretty amazed with this PLA material. I tried to break them but I wasn´t able to. The only thing this material isn´t heat resistant up to 60°C.
    For my milled gimbal I try to swap all 3D printed parts like the motor axes and quick relase plate for the camera. On the handle i used a normal tripod quick release plate. It´s placed upside down.