6 point IMU calibration - How perfect is perfect?
  • For 6 pint acc. cal,


    Looks pretty cool, but I don't have one.

    Looking around shop, junk drawers, house, storage, wood, plastic ... can't seem to find something that gives me PRECISE level on all 6 sides. Wish I could make my saws that accurate, but while they are fine for wood shop, they don't seem to be "perfect".

    Or am I trying to be TOO perfect?

    Thanks for comment.
  • That kind of device can be helpful, especially when temperature calibrating, I have build one. but see the users manual, BaseCam is performing the temperature calibration IMU installed in foam "cube", not that accurate.

    Normal, non temperature calibration I do IMU installed on gimbal, carefully holding the position and calibrating, it eliminates some of the installation related problems. Pending IMU during installation would screw the calibration. because that I usually use 2 sided tape to instal.

    It is very important that the IMU does not move at all during gyro calibration. but it does not need to be leveled, just stationary.
  • Thank you Garug ... yeah, I was wondering about that foam ... !!!

    Understood about the various calibrations, but one more question: If, n future, doing temp. calibration, assuming the camera IMU is square to the axes of the gimbal, (which becasue of the way it is mounted it seems to be) is it OK on this case to skip the temp cal for the frame IMU?

    Reason I ask is that while I can understand calibrating the camera IMU with the IMU installed, the position of the frame IMU is really hard to imagine being even close to aligned with the various surfaces, which then requires some significant disassembly before calibrating.
  • The gimbal works pretty well even without the frame IMU (but good to have it)

    I have never temperature calibrated frame IMU.