Motor 5208 -200T issue
  • Hello Guys

    so my Problem:

    I have a cheap Ebay 3 axis Gimbal like this one.

    All 3 Motors are closed cage "5208 -200T" (the vendor said on ebay, nothing written on the motors)...... my gimbal is perfectly balanced (took me more then 3 hours).

    Battery: 3S 3000mhA
    Attached: Canon 70d with standard 18-55mm ISII

    Pitch: works great.
    Roll: to weak on Powersetting 230-250 with 3S (very lightly touch with finger motor looses steps)
    Yaw: bit better than roll but also too weak on 250

    After all of that i measured the Resistant of all Motors.

    Roll: 3 poles -->20 ohm
    Pitch: 3 poles --> 20ohm
    Yaw: 2 poles --> 20 ohm , 1 pole ---> nothing 0 ohm

    My Conclusion:

    Roll: 20 Ohms for a 5208 -200T ???? isnt it a bit too high ?
    internet: ipower 5208 -200T: 10.2 ohm
    DYS 5208 -200T: 17,2 ohm

    Is it a conclusion of cheap china fake motors ?
    Should i try it with a 4S?
    5208 -200T carries a 5D i mentioned here in Forum.

    YAW: definitely broken.

  • what do u think guys ?
  • It is a bit strange, The 2 poles on yaw should not be the same 20 ohm as on ok motor, as the broken phase affects the 2 other. (or maybe your motor is star configuration, not triangle)

    Anyway, you need to replace or fix the broken Yaw motor.

    I do not know how many ohms the motor should be, but if it is 20 ohms, I would use 5S battery. (assuming your board can take 5S)

  • @garug ....u were right 5208-200T is in Star configuration

    ok thanks 5s is really heavy with 5k mAh... perhaps i buy new motors instead of 5s batteries ... the price is nearly the same...

    with 3S i only got 0,55A to the motor.
    With a ipower(10,2 ohm) i would get 1,0A power to the motor...this efficiency is doubled...

    somebody know some motors with 20ohm ?
    20ohm is really wasting of resources...
  • 20 ohms would be quite ok for 5 or 6S setup, 10 ohm is more propitiate for 3S.

    But why would you need 5k mAh with 5S? If you are using flight battery and it is 3S 5k mAh, 5S 3k mAh would have the same energy.

    But if your multicopter is using 3S, so maybe easier to change the motors. 3S would though be low voltage for multicopter carrying gimbal that has 5208 motors?

    or is it handheld only? on that case also calculate the energy of the battery. Same amount of energy on 5 or 3S weight about the same.
  • its a handheld only ;-)
  • Hello
    Have you solved the problem? could you share with you the solution or profile. I would appreciate it