A multi-function Gimbal: Steady Shot Bot Kickstarter Campaign
  • Hello,
    My Name is David Johnson and I'm an inventor / Photographer into film hyper and time lapse shooting. I've worked with several DIY time lapse sleds and a few professional film tools. No multi-function gimbal / motion control products really exist so I designed one. A multi-function photo rig that is a Steadicam, Hyper lapse, motion control robot that can do everything you need for active stabilized Steadicam work, Hyper lapse and motion control.

    It has a built in intervalometer with ambient bulb ramping which allows it to take pictures and adjust the shutter time depending on the ambient light. it also communicates with a stabilization controller and stepper motor to provide 4-axis movement over time, this is great for hyper lapse photography on a slider. I've worked hard to build a production quality design. It has a touch screen user interface to provide easy setup of its preset configurations.

    It's taken a year to get where its at and although it is open hardware and software we are kick starting kits and production runs of the unit. its really been a lot of fun to develop and build the product. The prototype is entirely 3d printed and I went through multiple designs as we perfected the design. I really think you audience would be interested in it, it's made with Cinema and photographers in mind that are on a budget.


    David Johnson