Setting Permanent Pitch
  • I'm a low end user and somewhat handicapped with my setup being old. I have the basic GoPro Hero 3 Brushless Gimbal with no connection to remote control. So it just keeps my GoPro level at all times.

    What I am trying to is revise the pitch since right now the camera is always facing straight out 90 degrees, but I want to see down a bit when flying my phantom.

    I was able to access the gimbal using GUI 2.1 but I'm not sure what to change, or which tab to look under to lock the pitch down 30 degrees or so..

    Any help with a low end user with limited budget would be appreciated.
  • Bump. Anyone?
  • The easiest way is to use a small potentiometer.
    Just solder a 3-pin servo wire to the potentiometer and connect it to a analog input.

    By RC settings you can select for the Pitch axis a analog input and change the Pitch axis to Angle Mode.
    (see manual by RC Settings tap, page 6)
  • Also in the RC tap if you set the follow mode to 'pitch follow' then you type the angles like -45 to 45 means that the pich will work -45degree from the horizontal plane to 45 degree up the plane.
    So if tou set for ex: -30 to -30 means that the camera will be facing PERMANENTLY to that angle.

    It is a free solution, considering you already have an analog jostick. If not its about a tenner.

    Hope this helps.