Please help - need two tweaks to a go pro gimbal
  • (I know I'm a total noob, but I've got days into trying to figure this out myself, having done tons of reading already.)

    I bought a used TurboAce Matrix with their GoPro camera gimbal. I got the drivers loaded and the V2.2 b2 GUI loaded up and working. I've read the manual at least a dozen times. The gimbal is balanced. I have done the 6 point calibration. It is set to calibrate the gyro on every start-up.

    Settings when I got it P:10 I:0.1 D:5 Power for pitch and roll 50. 14 poles. I can make screen shots of any other pages if necessary.

    Two issues. One is that when the radio knob that controls the tilt is in it's center position the camera is level, but as I tilt it up or down, it goes off level. As it tilts down for instance, the roll moves as well so that when the camera is pointing straight down, its actually pointing down and to the left.

    Second issue is that I'm getting quite a bit of shaking in the video. I've tested this and it's not from the quad. The quad is very stable but as I turn or go forward, the gimbal itself shakes. I've even been able to reproduce this just moving the quad by hand.

    IF, and I do mean IF, I understand the documentation correctly, this suggests that the motor power needs turned up. Doing so would also require "retuning" the PID which I read about a lot but still not sure of the correct procedure.

    I have tried guessing and setting the power to 70 and reducing the P down to 9. Seems to do ok just holding it, but I have not flown it with those settings as it is just a random guess.

    So... any hints? I need to get my camera level in all points along the tilt travel and I need to achieve a more stable video if at all possible. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!
  • You have very old firmware.

    The shaking on forward flight is likely because of aerodynamical forces, i.e. wind and possibly vibration dampening. More power and gimbal tuning might help somewhat also. Just save the settings and give it a try, if it does not work, load back the old settings.
  • How do I know what board I have and if the firmware can be updated. If I update the firmware, do I have to essentially "start over" with all the settings?
  • There has never been 2.2 FW for 32bit, so you have 8bit. Before trying to update though it is better make sure you have legitimate/ licensed board or it will be bricked.
  • I'm beginning to wonder if I would just be better off getting a new board and sensor and starting over... what do you think? If so, what should I get and where?
  • 32bit board have plenty of new features and is updated all the time. Also 8 bit board has newer FW available and much improved since 2.2. It is good idea to have a board that is supported.

    See where to buy http://www.basecamelectronics.com/wheretobuy/