My iOS Gimbal App for Storm32BGC and Alexmos
  • Hey guys,

    don't know if I am right her in this "getting started" category. I have seen some requests in this forum for an iOS App, so I decided to post it here, too:

    I did a Video of my iOS App for the Storm32BGC and Alexmos today and here are the links.

    I really would like to hear what you guys are thinking about the App.
    In the first 3:40 minutes I show what the App looks like on the iPhone working together with the Storm32BGC. After that you can see a short preview of it working with the iPad.
    After 4:10 you can see that it also supports SimpleBGC/Alexmos Controller. Sorry that this is so short and not very focused. Afterwards you can see that the Dual-Bluetooth module is also working with the Java Application of SimpleBGC. Under Windows I don't get it to work yet. I had some trouble with Bluetooth 4.0 under Windows, but it seems that Bluetooth 2.1 isn't working as well.

    In the Video I used StormBGC32 with Firmware Version V0.46 and SimpleBGC Version 2.40b7 under iOS 7. Hope that there will be also 32bit support in the future, but don't won't to buy a board, just for supporting it. But let's see how it goes. :)

    The App isn`t available yet, because first I want to here some feedback and thinking about the best way to publish it. Need a 80€ Developer Account and so on and there is also some interest by a company. I´m very busy at the moment, so that it probably takes some time when it may get published.

    Regards, hexakopter
  • This looks pretty cool, exactly what i'm waiting for! What Bluetooth board are you using ?
  • Can i test it? I am really interested in the program.
  • Hey joe2000 and brain,

    I wan't say something about the BT modules in the moment. Just that they work with BT2.0 and BT4.0 Devices.
    You can test it, when the App will be available. Don't know when that will be, but the day definitly comes.

    Regards, hexakopter
  • Yes, please keep us informed. i´m looking forward to use it with my iphone :)
  • I would LOVE to have the possibility to control my gimbal through my iPhone as well! Keep us posted :)
  • Hey,

    doesnt had the time in the last weeks to work on it. Now I have a WLAN Module here and will look how that works compared to the BT 4.0 Low energy. Hope to get longer range and faster transmission.

    Regards, hexakopter
  • Please keep us updated as to when this will ever come out.
    We definitely need this!
  • If it helps happy to give you a publisher account
  • Sorry, but I haven't worked on the App since a long time because my iDevice I tested the App with was stolen and there was also not much time for it. Now there are newer firmware version and adjusting and finishing the App cost to much time I haven't now.