2.43b5 firmware questions
  • Hi

    I'we only ween using the 8-bit card previously but received my new gimbal yesterday with a 32-bit Alexmos and have now some questions.
    I've seen a couple of videos showing Auto Tuning and on the videos I can see a message at the bottom that says "parameters successfully loaded from board" but when I start auto tuning I can see a message that auto tuning has been started, then I can see the PID values change for a while but after a while the values seems to be set but the message still says auto tuning started.

    I have a RCTimer ASP 3 axis gimbal http://www.maciej.se/T810.html#gimb and get a P value 125 on roll but P for pitch and yaw are only between 5-10 is that common for gimbals like this?
  • Never got it working properly with Auto tune so I made the PID tuning manually.