Tuning done! All good. 32 bit 2.41b5
  • RC Timer legacy hand held gimbal
    Canon 5D MkII 35mm manual lens
    4S 1300mAh battery
    All up weight 2.5kg
    RC Timer 32 bit running 2.41b5 dual IMU
    Joystick connected
    Follow yaw

    Roll 10 .07 12
    Pitch 10 .09 15
    Yaw 15 .07 26

    R 150
    P 100
    Y 150

    Gyro trust 70
    Gyro high sens ON

    No serious problems, need to keep tweaking to perfect.
    No roll on yaw (previous problem, nothing specific that I can pinpoint solved this).
    This result after a very meticulous mechanical balancing period, it is now perfectly balanced, I can't emphasize how important this is, when you turn off the motors it must not move more than a few mm's!