Hand held Legacy gimbal Canon 5D MkII Lens selection
  • Just wondering what lenses are recommended for DSLR's on hand held Gimbals?
    I'm looking at the Canon prime 50mm EF1.4 fixed focus.
  • If you have a good gimbal, you could use 50 mm on full frame, but for general lens you probably like something wider.
  • Good point. I am now looking at a 28mm manual focus.
  • 24-105 IS is a fantastic lens for this gimbal. F4, but you can't follow focus with anything shallower than that on the gimbal anyway. Works out to about 90mm on my poorly tuned 8 bit gimbal :)

    Manual focus is tough. Its hard to get around the gimbal to focus...
  • Still undecided about which lens to get, I understand the focus issue. Very reluctant to use Autofocus, I don't like it for video. Will have to look at remote focus control systems.
    Seems like anything up to 30mm f2.8 should be ok, but very expensive.
  • I use a 20mm 2.8, a 28mm 2.8 and a 50mm 1.8 on my nikon. never needed more than these really.
  • Managed to get my current setup tuned well using the 24-70mm canon lens, I leave it at 24mm. It's heavy but the gimbal manages it ok.
  • HI

    what are the values for the PID you got the gimabla working? I also have a canon 5d mk iii with 24-105 lens and cannot calibrate the gimbal at all!...