Custom shape LiPos
  • Hi guys!

    Long story short. I am looking for the way to rigidly insert battery into the cage somehere between roll and yaw motors - so to get yaw rotatating freedom. Currently im holding on the LiPo using magic strips (picture -http://i59.tinypic.com/10eompx.jpg ) but it's not tighten it well - so any vibrations may cause battery movement - and "perfect balance" will be lost.

    I guess the best way this porblem was solved - by guys from besteady. They use cylinder battery to insert into the cage-tube. I wonder where can i order (with international delivery) such custom shape battery.

  • Many computer, camera etc. batteries use round LiPo batteries there is also round LiFe batteries. I would look in ebay/ Panasonic NCR18650b