how i can choose the good motor for my steadicam
  • hi to all. I have made my personal brushless steadicam and now i need buy the best motor for this steadi....
    the just tipe it's around 50 (5010 5208 etc... ) it's best 75-80 turn or 150 200 turn? 12 or 24 poles? what is the difference?
  • Turns relate to available power, but also needed voltage. More turns and higher voltage is needet to get the full available power.

    More poles should provide better resolution. This depends also on how accurately the motor is build.

    Motor tolerances and bearing quality are important too.

    Wire reliefs etc. Are very important for the durability.
  • are the 8017 120 gonna fit on any of those ebay gimbal?
  • Garug you think a 5208 200t would require a 4s lipo? I'm currently using a 3s
  • I have no personal experience on that motor, but if the same motor with 70 turns is good with 3S, 200 turns cold require even more than 4S. Hopefully someone that actually have this motor can answer this question.
  • thank's i can use 3 5208 75T or 3 5208 200T without any problem? need only go to 4 5 o6s?
  • nothing?
  • my advice is to get what you need ! for a camera Canon 5D mark 2, GB 5208 150T is good enough fore more power 180T will work well with 3S to 4S battery. 200T motors do not fit any motor cages at all so if you find you need a more sturdy rig you can not upgrade to any motor cages!