Yaw, from Transmitter
  • Hi All
    Im sorry if this has been asked before, but im new to this and know what i want to ask but unsure of how to ask, but will do best

    first the hardware I have this controller http://www.rctimer.com/product_963.html or one that looks similar with the 3 motor outputs on main board (sorry for link but easiest way) with V2.40 b7 firmware and Simple BGC GUI of same number. gimbal is all balanced up and tuned so working well with a Nex5n camera

    what I want to do is control the pitch and Yaw from my Taranis transmitter I have program that works on the 2 sliders on side of TX both outputs work fine on pitch, so I dont have a problem there.

    my problem is there is only

    inputs on board, and in GUI too.

    Is there a way of using RX_ROLL as Yaw input? if I put RX_ROLL-PWM in RC settings / RC Input Mapping / Roll and RX_PITCH-PWM RC settings / RC Input Mapping / Pitch in appropriate place in in GUI I can control the pitch and roll from transmitter.

    Or dose someone know of a better way? please

    Please Help Im starting to go crazy running round in circles

    Thank you


    here are links to pictures of actual board