Roll motor stiffness
  • Hi, mates.

    As you may know, I'm struggling with some oscillations/vibrations in the roll axis of my 4114 3 S brushless gimbal in extreme situations (like when speeding up and stopping suddenly in some movements). I use it mainly for multicoper flights to record videos, although sometimes I use it by hand and the oscillations occur in some situations as well.

    I noticed a while ago that the roll axis isn't as stiff as the pitch motor, for example. I mean, the roll axis hasn't got as much as torque as other axes even with a high power and P value. The camera weight is around 650 g.

    The question is, is that behaviour normal or could be a bad motor, or it could be needing more torque for this configuration (I couldn't install a bigger motor, so I'd be screwed)?

    I'm wondering if that little range where the axis can be moved effortless even when turned on could be the culprit of the fast oscillations or vibrations.

    I've tried many PID/power tunings, and some perform better than others obviously, but I can't get rid of the oscillations completely. The graphs and everything seem to be OK.

    Any help would be appreciated. Best regards.
  • So, nobody knows?

    Is my motor powerful enough for that weight? :/
  • have you isolated the frequency....is it the same each time...if so have you tried the frequency filter with enough band width to cover?

    I had a similar problem with a single cantilever set up for the GH4 but ultimately I had to build a new frame.

    there is a reason that the best gimbals are duel support with large bearings and a hot shoe top frame clamp as I found out its all about the stiffness...

    good luck

  • I think my gimbal is good enough, but some parts are not stiff enough.

    I'm still trying to get the PID/power settings perfectly right, and see if it still doesn't give me the stabilization I'm looking for.

    If that's the case, I'll have to spend more money on a brand gimbal...
  • Well, I'm happy since lately I'm achieving already a surprisingly good stabilization for a DIY 8-bit gimbal without lens, body or software stabilization. I think I still can use this gimbal for some more time! :D

    The roll motor stiffness apparently is not a problem since I found with a power of 180 the motor doesn't lose steps in any situation, even carrying a GH4.

    So question solved, the motor seems to be just fine. It just doesn't look as stiff as the pitch one because the roll carries more weight and fights more inertia, just as the yaw motor works even harder to hold and move all the gimbal weight.

    Best regards.