No Power from Battery after First Test
  • Hi all,

    i have a SimpleBCG 8Bit Controller with YAW Extension Board. Everything worked fine. On the 4th TestRun The Gimbal stopped working immediately, so Motors stopped and all Leds / Lights went off. Also a Reconect of a Full Battery did not help. It looks dead.

    But when i connect USB Everythink looks normal (Connection, i can Calibrate, get all Sensor Datas and so on).
    But when i reonnect battery only (Without USB) , the board is dead again.

    So on Battery = Dead Board
    on USB = Everything looks fine Everything works.

    So whats the Problem?

    thanks a lot
  • try to resolder or check your battery connection on the board? it sounds like the board is not getting any power from the batt
  • this was my first thougt but soldering is ok, also the plug, i get 12.2 volts on the Battery Ports (Solder Points). IS there any fuse or even voltage regulator burned?

    the board is only 1 week old...

  • Sounds like the 5 V regulator on board is burned. If you measure with voltmeter, do you find the 5V on board when battery is connected?
  • Hi Garug, i will check this later im at work thanks for the tip.
  • I had virtually the same symptoms.... Except I saw the small chip next to the battery wire go red hot for a second then that was it... no battery power but usb seemed ok but it was fried all the same. Hobby king are sending me a replacement.