• If my gimbal is using three 5208-200 motor and it is used to support the 5D MarkII. How many voltage do I need?
  • Hi, this depends of the lenses and equipment + weight of the gimbal itself.

    You can use 3S lipo, with a power that will be between 80 and 180 ( the more axis the motor has in front of it, the more power you need : tilt needs few, roll needs a bit more as it handles the eight of pitch assembly + roll assembly and pan needs normally more as it handles the weight of the 2 others assemblies...

    Make sure to use just what you need as voltage for pitch axis, if you over poet it, you will get insane vibrations once you start to tune the gains on the roll and pan.

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  • Can I use rechargeable AA battery rather than using a lipo battery?