IMU placement and calibration ACC help 32 bit board
  • Have my gimbal all wired and balanced but having trouble with the IMU placement and calibration ACC

    The camera IMU was easy to place under the camera mount on the gimbal, I have a spot for the frame IMU under the YAW but not sure if it needs to be parallel to the floor or if it can mounted on its side... also having trouble with the CALIB ACC... do I take it off and do it on the table? any help or even point me to some vids or threads on the subject... I have searched for hours and all I get it PID setting and camera balancing.
  • "but not sure if it needs to be parallel to the floor or if it can mounted on its side... " I am not sure what you mean.

    But basically one of the axis needs to be facing directly forward (same direction as camera lens) and one of the axis directly down and otherwise you can instal it in any orientation you like, but it needs to be configured correctly on GUI so that the software knows how it is installed. (I just noticed you asked about frame IMU, I have not done that yet, but it should be just the same, just configure it correctly on GUI.)

    To perform one point calibration, the IMU can be on its place, but the camera needs to be accurately levelled and totally steady when performing it (and note that the IMU needs to be in flat position, components fading up when performing the ACC calibration). Even the 6 point calibration could be performed IMU on place if you can put the camera accurately to all the 6 orientations, but I do not see how that could be done. Much easier to have the sensor flat on the table when performing the calibration. For 6 point calibration you will need accurate enough cube, where to instal the IMU for during the calibration.

    For getting the gimbal operational, I would perform just one point calibration. Just place the the IMU(s) flat on the table, components up and perform the ACC calibration and it is done. After everything is working, you could perform 6 point calibration and to see if anything improved.
  • This is just one of many calibration videos . Very easy to do, and it is suggested that you do this bdfore moutning it and tuning the gimbal.

  • thank you very much, good stuff... keep playing with it but I need a few hours of actual free time
  • Hi there!

    I need help with my version 1.0 board.

    1. It says "Sensor is not connected"
    2. Motors are not working

    note: prior to this, roll more was already erratic.

    Re-flash the firmware but still no success. Could this be the main board or the sensor board problem. If so, where can we source for replacement. Thanks in advance.