Looking for PID for 3 Axis Gimbal - Canon 60D 17-55MM Lens
  • I own the following Gimbal below if anyone has a PID setting closely matching my setup please share.

    CAME-7000 - 3 Axis Gimbal

    one BGM5208-200T-12 and two BGM5208-75 motor

    Camera Setup
    Canon 60D with 17-55MM Lens

    Current PID:
    23 9 11
    20 8 11
    15 12 15

    I have an issue when pulling forward or backwards where the gimbal shakes lightly like a chicken mostly the ROLL.
  • Hi,

    It has been a while that you have posted this comment.
    But I was wondering if you have found some interesting PID settings. I'm also using a gimbal 7000 with a canon 60d.

    Hope you can help me out...
    Have a nice day,