Stablization WITHOUT camera via SimpleBGC 32-bit
  • Hello everybody,

    I'm glad to be here and to find such a powerful instrument as the AlexMos Gimbal controller.

    There's just one issue, that bother me right now. For testing purposes I bought a Gimbal Prebuilt from the German distribution FLYDUINO and together with the GoPro it works fine and everything is beautiful. However I will start to build my own Gimbals, also for a DSLR soon and so I want to understand how the controller works.

    For this reason I tried following:

    - NO camera on gimbal
    - IMU with no motion on desk
    - start motors

    In this moment, the gimbals gets weird. The pitch motor is turning on and on and the other motors oscillate irregular.

    So there are two things I'd like to know:
    1. Why do the board/the motors behave like this
    2. Is there any way to stable the system in that setup?

    I hope my issue is understandable and I am looking forward to your answers!

    Best regards,
  • Hi Konrad,

    the gimbal needs a camera to be placed on it and it must be balanced.

    If your gimbal is not balanced and when there is no camera, the gimbal is too light and the motor will go crazy.

  • Yeah ok, that is exactly the effect, that I could observe.

    The question is: WHY do the motor go crazy? and can I avoid this, so it will work without any balance weight?
  • you can do this if you have 2 tilt motors but the power setting will be off for each camera