32bit board from Desire RC, GBM 8108-90 and a Hifly gimbal
  • Hi,

    I have the HiFly gimbal, a Sony FS100 camera with an old Zeiss lens and I simply cannot get my yaw axis to hold steady.

    Motor is a GBM 8108-90. PID = 3-0.02-10, motor config power 190, "limit accelerations = 500 dg/sec2, Gyro thrust 80, "follow yaw" is not selected. Followmode is disabled.

    Anybody have a similar setup...? Please share your PID settings.

    Hope somebody can help me :O)

    Best regards
  • Try to change your PID to 20-0.01-30 and try adjusting from there. FS100 + your lens should be around the same weight as a dslr + there heavy lens.

    Did you balance your FS100 correctly?
  • What battery are you using; 3S, 4S?

    In any case, As 200sx suggest the PID values should be higher, also 'I'

    Have you verified the NUM.POLE and Inverted is correct?

    Try setting P 15, I 0.05, D as high as needed, but not higher. After it worked like this try if you can get P higher, raise D just as much as needed. When it is working fine like this, raise 'I' as much as possible.

    You could also try this way of tuning. http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=28045237&postcount=9447

    Ps. Is Yaw well balanced? I would verify this first.

    Also where is your battery located, It is good to minimise the inertia of the moving parts, i.e. battery close to the Yaw motor (under or front) or at top of the handle would be good.
  • I have my pitch and roll balanced and tuned today. My pan/yaw is hard to balance, cannot move the whole thing more to the front... Have you balanced you pan/yaw perfectly? Can you turn your pan axis so its paralell to the top handle bar and have it stay there and in all other directions?

    The only way I can "lock" my yaw is to have PID all to 0, as soon as I raise them, the yaw becomes unlocked. If I go above 3 on D a high frequency sound appears. Doesnt matter if "Follow YAW" is selected or not, the yaw does not follow...

    so I set my motor power to 200 and then it holds the yaw. As soon as I enter numbers under PID it "unlocks" and if I go above 3 in D it starts to scream!
  • You have to properly balance the gimbal. Specially the 3rd axis once it doesn´t hold. If it is unbalanced when the gimbal is off it won´t hold even with the motors on.
  • But how do I do it, it cant mowe forward any more... :O/
    Any tips?
  • You have two choices. To move to so that it is balanced or to add weight so that it is balanced. Adding weight is not good option.