yaw oscillating after update to 2.40b7
  • hi,
    after updating firmware to 2.40b7, my yaw 3rd axis board produce oscillating(vibrations). i never have this problem before. i have the L6234 version 3rd axis extension board.
    now the camera is all time shaking if 3rd axis motor is connected.
    after updating from 2.3b5 i noticed that my gimbal tilt totally. so i decide to reset the controller board and start configure from beginning. i completely adjust all pid and power settings new. also all other settings. after two hours of adjusting pid's and power settings, pitch and roll axis working great. but yaw axis is all time oscillating a little bit.

    my procedure to find good values.
    first i reduce yaw p & d to zero and set power to 130 and 0. i set I to 0.03.
    than i start increasing p step by step. if i reach p = 3 motor begin to work. p3 produce small low oscillations. so i increase D step by step. at D = 5 oscillation are gone. but with p = 3 yaw axis power is to low for good working with rc and also in windy env. it is only good to stabilise the camera with ideal conditions on desktop. so i have to increase power for yaw axis.
    but now, if i increase power( i try both P settings and/or power settings) the yaw axis begin to oscillate. P=10 and power 130 are strong enough. to hold the gimbal in wind and more heavy flight movements. but with this power settings it is impossible to terminate oscillation. i increase D step by step. there is no point without any oscillation as i know from older firmware. increasing d from 7 to 8 switch from low oscillation to fast oscillation. :(.

    my current and best yaw settings are P=10, I=0.03, D=7. Power = 130. no extra power. but this settings are really not good. yaw axis power is now nearly twice time reduced than with old 2.3b5 firmware. also yaw oscillation is there.

    any ideas.
  • Hi...on the same boat here. I have the same problem in 2.4, with the same yaw extension board (in blue color). In 2.3xx everything works fine. But in 2.4, no matter the settings, the YAW starts to oscillate, an it doesn't feel like a feedback problem. There is no progressive increment in the oscillation...it starts right off on one amplitude and keeps it. Sometimes I managed to make it work a few seconds, but as soon as I pick up the gimbal, the problem begins.
    Maybe there's a problem with version 2.4 and some YAW extension boards?
    I have two "6s High Powered" boards and 2.4 runs flawlessly.
    Should we report this as a bug?


  • downgrade to 2.3b5 solve all problems here! yaw axis oscillation is gone!
  • i have the same problem before with the yaw following everywhere. But somehow on the basic tab there is this external FC gain. I pressed Auto a few times and it could stop the nonsensical oscillation. Give it a try
  • I have the Yaw quite well in control, on some fast movements it can loose control, but there is no this kind of movements when normally operating the gimbal.

    However I noted that Yaw motor is silent at PWM Low (noisy) setting, so somehow it is different than the other axis. (I have 8 bit version 1.0 board with Yaw extension board, FW 2.4b7.)
  • @200sx: Thanks, will give it a try tomorrow and report.
    Besides, I don't remember well my initial tests, but I think there was no problem if no joystick input was connected...

    @Garug: I'll check my board version, but I think is the same as yours (the blue one?). I'll try changing PWM setting and report.

    Thank you all
  • I just noticed something: I had a lower value in the acceleration limiter and faced the same oscillations. Then doubled the value and they oscillations were gone.

    Can you check?
  • Wow, I ignored limit accelerations and maybe it's causing my roll vibrations!

    I have 500 since I purchased the gimbal with the AlexMos.

    Should I disable limit accelerations? Is it useful in some cases?