Foollow mode PITCH+ROLL and follow YAW troubles
  • Hi folks!

    I have a problem with the follow mode when I set it to follow PITCH + ROLL.
    The rig becomes so unstable and is impossible for me to make it work properly.
    I set all PID configs possible but it doesn't work anyway.

    The other problem becomes when I set it to follow only YAW axis.
    When starts to follow YAW the ROLL axis starts to change the angle between -1 and 1 degrees. This is the minimum angle limits in RC config TAB. The velocity is also 0.

    The firmware version is 3.4b7.
    It worked perfectly with previous versions before the rewriting of follow code in newer beta.

    Any clue about this?

    Thanks in advance!
  • The board version is 1.0 - 8 bits
  • I have the same problem
    i'm focusing more in the Follow Yaw only

    from firmware 2.xx the alignment on the ROLL is hard to setup when you are in the Follow Yaw mode
    Follow Yaw is fundamental for mutirotor gimbals

    i increased the P as suggested on other threads but this fixes the problem just a bit
    at the end the ROLL orizon line is tilted by one side of some degrees
    this issue is common to several people so it would be nice to invest on fix it

    plese someone help us!

    thanks everibody
  • Hi guys !

    I try to have a week, i can not decide, try different firmware and GUI, problem
    not solved. In follow mode YAW axis observed small deviations axis ROLL panning gimbal. GUI 2.4b8, firmware 2.4b7. When follow mode for YAW axis only, off, everything works fine. Games with PID's no solve the problem. Correct please, i'm going to wait !

    I tried to show the problem on video: http://youtu.be/CPWCujvj3qM

    Big thank Vadimir. Sorry my bad english.
  • Why different FW and GUI, they are supposed to be the same, for 8bit board use GUI 2.4b7, it works fine.

    On basic mode, can you do fast Yaw movements? I think some Yaw PID tuning is still needed.

    The camera must be perfectly levelled when calibrating ACC. this is likely your main problem.

    For Follow mode you need to do offset calibration.

  • Mental mode try increasing the P on roll axis.
  • Different GUI because: "...This is the first version of firmware (32 bit), that is fully compatible with the 2.40 version for 8-bit boards...", last firmware for 8-bit 2.40b7.
    Ok, ok, i try GUI 2.4b7 & firmware 2.4b7 in first, problem not solved.
    In basic mode i do fast movements - it's Ok on ALL axis, very good !
    Calibration ACC & Gyro i have done many times.
    Why YAW PID tuning ? YAW in basic mode working very fine, why follow YAW mode affects ROLL axis ?
  • On video 1:35 the camera is clearly not levelled and if I understand correctly you are performing ACC calibration. You need to perform it only once, but correctly.

    On video I see only slow Yaw movements, does it work if you move it faster. at 0:40 the yaw movements do not seem to be that smooth, but this is difficult to see from the video.
  • On video 1:35 camera tilts after follow mode on (after click Save settings) for YAW axis :-( and I was forced to make calibration. Yes, if i move faster, YAW working in not follow mode fine. Сan be in the video is not visible, movement in basic mode smooth, all axis works very well.
  • That is not the purpose of calibration, better restart the gimbal, and if the calibration has been performed right it will level.

    ACC calibration needs to be performed only once during the setup and gyro calibration is normally performed when the gimbal is restarted. During ACC calibration the camera (IMU) need to be well levelled and still. during gyro calibration just still.
  • Big thank's guys !

    Problem solved ! Yessssssss !
    Playing with I & D param. for ROLL axis i find new values, working fine in follow mode for YAW axis. Horizont stable. Thank you Garug ! You advice about ACC calibration ONLY once help me. Thank you :-))) I understood that when the gimbal ON, he must be completely immobile (not moved), it's important !

    Sorry guys for my bad english.

    Hello from Russia, Moscow !
    Best regard's, Vladimir.
  • Hi Umka
    your video shows exactly the same issue that i'm talking about by some months
    the Yaw follow that affects the Roll in a bad way
    can you please talk more about how you changed the I & D parameters to fix it?
    it can be helpful for me and for several other guys that have the same problem ;)
  • I had Yaw affecting Roll, but it was not about PID, but ACC calibration, Follow mode Offset calibration, and Follow mode settings. I have though often lowered the PID values on Follow mode to get it working better, mostly 'I'. The important thing really is to have the basic mode working first without problems and then starting to tune the follow mode.
  • Hi garug
    i can garant you that i perfectly calibrated all and the no follow mode works perfectly
    the issue comes out only when i activate the follow yaw
    about the offset calibration, i did several tries to change the values but it looks like has no effect
  • I am using Follow Yaw combined with Follow PITCH,ROLL (0,0), Deadband 1, Expo curve 50, Speed 4 and offset Auto calibrated. Works great.

    How are you using the Follow mode, what exactly is the problem? Do you have FW 2.4b7? 2.4b6 had some problems if using also joystick.