How do I know car is broken?
  • Hello,

    Alexmos3axis - red led on - green led fast blink // green led slow blink (3rd card)

    I have written new firmware fine on the board. using 2.4b07
    Gui tells me sensor not connected. I check all wires well connected from sensor to boards.

    How do I know it is the board(or boards) that are broken??
    Any electronic way?

    Do I have to buy one or tw new boads?
    Change the sensor also??

    Thank you for taking time to help..

  • My fist guess would be IMU cable broken or connector broken, second IMU broken and third the board broken.

    Multimeter would help to measure the cable, oscilloscope the I2C signals.

    Would be good to do first visual inspection. I had one resistor physically broken on one IMU.
  • I see there is no better option than trying with a new cable then a new imuthen a new board :(

    Thank you for taking time to answer :)