Pan Control Issue
  • Hi guys. I am using two separate boards, one for roll and tilt and one board for pan. My problem is that I have no control of pan axis with my Futaba radio when using Firmware 2.3 or 2.4 It works fine when I use 2.2 Can someone tell why I have no pan control? I have everything set up the same as I did with 2.2


  • Check the radio programing or the channel for TX on the board. Should be working
  • Hi. Everything works great with 2.2 Firmware. I have two gimbals running and both gimbals use two boards like described above. The only change I did was to go from 2.2 to 2.3 which left me with no pan control and the same result with 2.4. I have been using these boards for quite a while and I am pretty good with them, but this problem has me stumped.

  • When you change to 2.3 or 2.4 you loose all the configurations. Don´t forget to set everything back as it was...
  • Thanks for the help. I figured it out. I copied someone's setting in the RC Settings menu. The Settings that they had made no since what so ever and after trying them and having the gimbal start working I was able to turn off all of that stuff and the gimbal still works for controlling pan axis with a transmitter. Go figure. The Alexmos boards are working great and they keep getting better.

    My many thanks to Alexmos

    Wayne Mann