Roll vibration issue
  • Hey

    I finish my gimbal few days ago and i start to make some tests with it.
    I have small roll vibration issues and i need a little help about how to resolve this.

    Bellow is a video that i shot yesterday.

    Any suggestion?


  • What have you checked so far?

    Too much power (and/or too much P) can cause vibration / oscillations. Back it off a bit. What's the power setting (and PID values) for that axis? What batteries (3s/4s) are you using?

    The better balanced the gimbal, the less work it has to do, and the less power it'll need. Don't increase the power if the gimbal seems to struggle to keep the camera facing forward - you're treating the symptom not the problem :)

    (Don't forget you can add weights (sticky tape pennies) to the frame rather than trying to undo screws and shift brackets around)
  • The gimbal is balanced, i increase "P" and now it seems it's better.
    I'm w8ing a sunny day to make another test shot.

  • depending on motors ---to remove motion of vibration on roll when walking and lessen up down motion from walking:

    Increase power on Roll and Yaw if using 4S -- up around 190. Pitch can be less. Motors should be warm but now smoking hot after using it.

    All three axis P - 25-35 and D 25-35...Bring D down to stop oscillations until it holds... I should be good in the 2.5 range. Gyro compensation up to 150. Deadband 5 degrees and Expo - 10-25
  • thanks for the info. I'm using 3S LiPo and i don't have any 4S. only 5S-6S :)) .
  • Hey,
    Could you guys have a look at my post here,
    I guess it's a similar issue, but I need your advise,