Roll Axis Vibrating
  • Hi All,

    I've been having tons of trouble with my gimbal as of late with Roll motor vibrations (but only when the IMU is horizontal).
    I'm using the YUN1 with a modified Roll motor (roll motor = iPower GBM 3509 130 Turns)
    I've done the 6 Axis Calibration and did it a number of times to make sure it was done right.
    Then I set all my motors to 0 and set all the PIDs to 0. Then I increased the roll motor power to 50 and increased the "P"&"D" followed by the "I". But I have to keep the power low to stop the vibrations, but so low that it can't hold any longer.
    What is really strange is this only occures when the IMU is horizontal. If I set the Pitch motor power to 0 and pitch the cam forward or back the vibrations go away, but when the IMU is returned to Horizontal the vibrations come back, this occurs when the there is power to pitch motor as well. I'm so confused and really pressed for time.

    Can someone please help. I'm so stumped.
  • Go to the simplebgc software and click use default settings...and go from there
  • I think I found the problem.

    I'm using the Yun-1 and I was told about 8 months ago to run the IMU cable through the bearing ring to get it out of the way. However, I found that if the cable runs through the bearing ring I get all kinds of crap and jitters, but if the cable is not running through the ring the jitters and crap are far less. I'm tuning it now and almost vibration free.

    Man what a trial.