Using the EasyRig Mini with AlexMos Gimbals
  • Hi all I just finished several video demos employing the EasyRig camera support system with our DIY Gimbal. We found there are some pros and cons to the system. I did a side by side comparison video as well, shooting hand held and then doing the same scenes with the EasyRig. You be the judge on how effective it is. But as I said in my demo....if you are on a long job with a full size hand held, your arms will fall off at the end of the shoot! Maybe not, but they will hurt.

    Main demo, look at other posts for the other vids!

  • Hi dbeaty:

    Your PID´s are not ok... :-(
  • nice place over there :) .. i have more the impression that the easyrig is pulling the gimbal to hard up and down also ... i think best way is still use your arms to eliminate as much as possible walkmovement and get rid of the easyrig for this kind of shots ... not pleasant for your arms indeed whole day but pays in result ...

    this is my ever first video i shot with my prototype summer 2012 still in fW 2.2B2, no post stab

  • This looks very good Vandepoel, similar rig to mine. I think it is better on the arms only, the rig adds up down motion. Did you see this comparison
  • your pitch PIDS need some work
  • On this video I redid PID and Power. I have 2.2b reflashed. Here I have P around 10, I around .09 and D around 25 Power on Yaw 200, around 150 on Roll and 125 Pitch
  • Better in hand held indeed with your comparisement.
    The rigs for 5D and 24mm 2.8 IS that i build now are with roll motor bgm 8108 90t . Yaw and pitch i kept the 5108 200t. When using larger roll motor gives better results when stretching the pitch in follow off mode.
    Settings for roll are now higher then before with my old models. P 35, i 0,35, d 20 power 140.
    Pitch p15 , i 0,16 and d 19 power 140. Yaw p 20 , i 0,26 d 20 power180( higer than this will get them too hot after awhile),
    Thrust gyro at 85. Deadband max 2,5 degrees. I noticed that going higher with deadband results in the roll not getting back perfekt to 0. Funny thing is when i disable follow roll always goes fast and perfect back to 0.
    Turn back on follow and i have trouble getting roll perfekt to zero. I solved this by getting the deadband as low as possible and set the roll p value as high as possible before it start vibrating. Also roll i value as high as possible will get the roll horizon the fastest back to 0. ( strange that deadband also affects roll where its only usefull on yaw only to get the jerks away )
    Best results are still follow of and tilt using my analog joystick. Only that the roll gets a little little bit of by half degree when tilting down. Hope this gets fixed in next FW.
    Solution for the going crazy when switching between modes is set follow to profile 1 and follow off in profile 2 and make sure the rig starts in profile one( can be done by pressing write in profile 1 in gui, this way it remembers its startup)
    Now when you switch from profile 1 to profile 2 no going crazy anymore. Sometiles when i go back to profile 1 its starts going crazy again but then i just reset and its back fine in its startuppossition in profile 1.

    Did not went back to 2.2 yet to try differences. Do you notice things getting better better or worse back in 2.2 and wich things?
  • Thanks for that info. I noticed that I had much more problems with oscillations in 2.3 and I never got Follow mode in Profile 2 to work. ( I never thought of setting it to Profile 1 would make a difference). Once I went back to 2.2 everything was much better for me. But PID do not translate between the two, I had to go back to old settings.

    Still trying to figure out best method of testing PID. Currently mine are all similar for all 3 axis and Power is different with Yaw 190, Roll 150 and Pitch 125. I will try your testing with higher P for Roll, then Yaw and lower P for Pitch.

    Can you link me to a source for motors you use? All mine are iPower 5208 180T 14 pole and I want to improve with stronger smoother motors on Yaw and Roll. Not sure if they will work with my current motor mounts.
  • This vid is for Vandepoel using his suggestions for higher P settings on Roll and Yaw and Higher Gyro Compensations (mine was at 40) This is hand held not Easy rig

  • Super, looking good , if u can shoot all your vids like this is perfect i would say.
    Costs a lot of arm strenght and stealthy walking also but the result pays off i see ...
    Reminds me of testing hours and hours with my wife and kids.
    I have often that i have to recalibrate in absolute silent condition hanging on its stand.
    With one model its once a day i have to calibrate but on other models its after every 5minutes of intensive follow mode. But this i dont mind how many times a day, as long as its horizon is back working on al 360 degrees after recalibrate im happy and this i teach also my clients to who im selling the rigs. I tell them its like a living thing, sometimes have a good day , sometimes have a less good day staying a long time straight on the horizon but untill now no complaints from clients yet about this, also hardware keeps working good. I use 4s 1600 mah batterys, 4s for having more torque i have read somewhere last year and since then i convinced myself to keep using the 4s batterys.
  • Everything i have until now i bought on goodluckbuy. Since 6 months for every day i am pressing on the new arrivals tab to see whats comming out new. Here i fount the 8108 90t motors.
    But i would recomand the gm81 90t closed housing(same price) on roll and yaw and keep 5108 200 t on pitch.
    When decide to go to heavyer camera like black magic 2/4k with follow folowfocus and heavy lens also use gm81 on the pitch. Recently did for a client and works perfekt, but pids are much different here, i always tune my models going pids of every motor much to high until it osscilates and then lower until osscilation stops, try every angle in follow mode until all oscilations are gone and your good to go. Maybe a extra tip of i2c errors, sometimes i have none using a 45cm wire even without the use of ferrite rings but in one case i had to use 2 ferrite rings on the same 45cm imu wire close to the board. So the extra use of rings is never bad
  • Hi vandepoel. The deadband affects all axis. I found that out recently
  • hey, yeah this is higly vissible on the roll when setting deadband to high.
    i found out when setting the deadband to 0 and expo curvo also to 0 its gone the slow afterroll ...
    also tryed deadband 2.5 degrees and expo curvo to 0 , this is also better result but i dont like the movement when expo is to 0. so i set both deadband and expo as low as possible for the follow mode and tell my clients if not need for thefollow mode dont use it, stick with the follow mode off and use the analog joystick ...
    im curious what the 32 bit version is going to give us ... i read somewhere that there maybe is a second imu unit present for better followmode function
  • This info will help a lot of people that can't figure out what happened after playing with deadband and expo...like I did a couple months ago and all of a sudden I have Roll in follow mode.
  • Hi I am trying to implement some of your suggestions...still looks kind of stiff and rigid at times, like the frame vibrates moving from one direction to another. This is with and without Easy Rig. Last shot on easyrig

  • Man I am excited, I see the light at the end of the tunnel...these recent changes have made a great difference. I will be adding my tests today. The footage looks unbelievable.
  • Vandepoel, what do you use for the on gimbal focus control?
  • Okii usb controller