Follow mode = I am getting crazy
  • Hi guys, sorry, I searched the various threads but have not found a post that could solve my problem. I bought a card AlexMos 3-axis, roll and pitch are perfect but I'm getting crazy with the pan. I understand that with the third axis is possible to follow a point (also it is ok) but I would like to find another solution.
    I would like to block the third axis so that the camera always look at the front. How can I lock the pan and prevent it always follows a point. Thank you so much for your kind answers. In fact if you believe that this post exists and can be of help please tell me.
  • You have reason...yaw is very difficult to setup or better it's very difficult to lock in one position. My yaw works fine and just follow a point. I desire to lock it with the camera looks in front and no following a point as just to do. I would to know it it's possible.
  • NO Yaw does not lock in one place it follows your position you move right 30 degrees the yaw should follow from 30 degrees to 0 degrees and left the same. this is the hard part. on the bench you disturb yaw it should return to original position same as all other axis. hope you understand

    tuning video found here

  • Ok, know I understood. It's impossible to lock the camera always looking to the front. 8-( It's a problem, because if I must to do aerial video following a car all it's ok, but if I desire to return to home with drone looking to the front, it will impossible, because if I turn the drone to return to home, the camera will see always back
  • No that is not correct drone will turn to return to home depending on setting of flight controller. some controllers call it intelligent orientation or simple mode turn it off. It does not have to turn. other solution is to have a second operator controlling the camera position.
  • I understood what you mean. But please understand what I mean. Suppose that I do not use intelligent orientation or simple mode and I want to fly in manual mode, I know when I fly right in front of me, the camera is looking straight ahead, but when I turn the nose of the drone and go home, the camera will not look at me while I return home, but always looks back . All of this is normal? If it is normal, it means that to make these video I will unmount the third axis so the camera follows the movement of the frame.
  • yes if you set up the yaw axis to normally point to the front of the copter and you turn the copter 90 degrees the YAW will follow 90 degrees there IS Angle MODE TO have the YAW stay where pointed explains in the video. your option is to set the yaw to point backwards or second operator to control yaw or get angle mode working. May be your YAW reaction time is too low that's why direction change is a problem
  • Ok, I will try tomorrow as you said me. Then I will reply you and I will explain. I hope it will be perfect.
  • Ah...I forgot..sorry...thank you very much for your great help.
  • Hi, I tried several times today. It's incredible the yaw still doesn't stay blocked to the front. I tried as you said me to set it to point backwards and also get angle mode, nothing. I don't understand what I wrong. Thanks to my patience the gimbal no flied from the window....8-))). So the gimbal turns around from the right to left, doesn't blocked to the centre. I want the gimbal follows the frame. WhenI turn , it turns. How I can resolve. If I have others problems and many hours applied working on it , I will decide to remove the third axis, so I will work only with 2 axis. 8-(((. Please can you suggest me some configurations on the software BaseCam? Many thanks in advance.
  • Topgian if the 3rd axis is to be locked there wouldn´t be the need to have it. Not only to be able to move it but also to compensate the movements of the other axis. Yes if roll moves yaw compensates and the same when tilt moves. What you have to do is balance the gimbal very well and use follow yaw mode. It will only move to compensate the movements from the other axis. How much to use on PID´s that is the key to the subject...depends on so many things that can´t even be advised...they have to be seen and tested.
  • Could be broken motor. I had one phase missing, worked somehow but plenty of problems. Everything is fine now after the motor was replaced. => disconnect motor and measure resistance of each 3 phases. Should be same for each phase and depending of motor somewhere in between 10 and 20 ohms.

    Sounds also that your Yaw axle might not me in balance. If you rotate 90 degrees around roll axis, is your camera sideways and pointing forward?
  • I have had a lot of trouble with the yaw. It was pretty easy to get the gimbal to stay in one direction and also to use follow me with only Yaw enganged. As soon as I activated Follow PITCH-ROLL-YAW the gimbal went crazy moving all ways. tried to reflas, reset, almost everything. But I then downgraded to firmware 2.2 and treied with negative result and upgraded again to 2.35 and then it all worded.....

    Do not ask me, but now I can change profiles from steady same pont, yaw or PITCH-ROLL-YAW mode :-)

    Just a tip for other struggling with this
  • I may have the same problem,

    All is working fine except when choosing follow yaw mode.
    Can you describe again the way you solve, it?
    Upload a old firmware, and upload again the new one and that's it?

  • On the follow pitch-roll- yaw tab choose the angles i.e. 0 and 90. Then write and quit. Power cycle the board. Then when you choose the follow pitch please keep the gimbal very still (hold it). Otherwise it will start reverberating due to feedback on the IMU just by rocking a little on the stand.